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UK-Youth-Covid-19-Impact-Report-.pdf ( – The impact of Covid-19 on young people and the youth sector, 2020

supporting-young-people-to-earn-or-learn-final.pdf ( – Supporting young disadvantaged young people to earn or learn, 2015. Included is research into the barriers to employment faced by disadvantaged young people and how they can be supported to access work.

un_world_youth_report_youth_civic_engagement.pdf – United Nations world youth report on youth civic engagement covering economic engagement, political engagement and community engagement as well as recommendations (2016). - What have countries done to support young people in the COVID-19 crisis? - The pandemic has damaged youth employment: Here’s how we can help. - Youth & Covid-19: Impacts on jobs, education, rights and mental well-being. - Uneven steps. Changes in youth unemployment and study since the onset of Covid-19. - Take Action! - Take Action! – Community-based activities and young people’s wellbeing. - Youth workers supporting young people to lead change in their communities. - 10 Ways Youth Can Engage in Activism. - Inspiring young people through outstanding youth work. - Covid-19 Youth employment Group - Youth Social Action.


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