All over Europe, as an effect of Covid 19 crises, the rise in unemployment especially among low-qualified, disadvantaged young individuals are alarming. At the same time, the curent situation has brought about a new wave of solidarity and “social bonding“ among societies, also -or even first and foremost- initiated and shown by parts of the younger generation, e.g. by taking care of elder people, actively supporting the supply of necessary items, volunteering for social services etc. The VALUE project is preparing and supporting youth workers, trainers, coaches and counsellors for the time after the pandemic by actively promoting and using the mentioned new forms of civic engagement and “togetherness“. The provision of innovative pedagogical solutions are supporting young disadvantaged learners by motivating them to devlop their neglected skills and potentials related to civic and social behaviour, initiating their social empowerment, fostering their active empathic behaviour and enhancing their employabilty. The VALUE project is addressing the following:


The Value Project


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